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167D Record Storage Boxes (Bundle of 25 Boxes) $43.38
18K1G Readiness Center Replacement $0.00
19J4E-02 New Health and Science Building $0.00
19J4E-03 Chiller and Cooling Tower Replacement $0.00
20H1S Solar Array Installation $0.00
21E2S Multi-Building Elevator Replacement and Modernization $0.00
21H1M 15kV Cable Replacement $0.00
21H2F HVAC and Controls Upgrade $0.00
21I1G HVAC Replacement $0.00
21I1H New Health Services Unit and Restrictive Housing Unit Expansion $0.00
21I2O Ringling Brothers Business Office Restoration $0.00
21J1S Parking Lot and Roads Renovation $0.00
22A1H Eastern Tower Remediation $0.00
22B2R HVAC Replacement and Addition of DDC $0.00
22B3HREBID Chimney Repairs $0.00
22B3N Cooling Tower Replacement $0.00
22C1N Replace POV Parking Lot $0.00
22C2X Neillsville Radio Tower Replacement $0.00
22D1K Southeast Restroom Facility Replacement $0.00
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