Document Sales How to Order Tab (effective March 2023)

What do I need to do to place an order?   
If you are a new customer, select "New Customer" in the upper right corner and complete the request for information to receive a Log In.  All required fields are indicated with a red asterisk  *.  Please be sure to provide your Zip Code + 4 so we may accurately ship your order.

Note:  State of Wisconsin agencies are required to enter a valid Use Code when setting up a Log In.

If you already have a Log In, click on "Log In" in the upper right corner to begin.

What if I forgot my Log In?
Select "Log In" in the upper right corner to display the login pop-up.  Enter your e-mail address and select the "Forgot Your Password" icon.  Your login information will be emailed to you.

How do I find the item I am looking for?
Items can be located by product number, product title or by entering a product description in the Product Search field.  You can also browse by Agency on the left side bar.

How do I purchase an item once I have found it? 
Select the item by clicking on it and then enter the desired quantity.  Then select "add item".  This adds the selected item to your shopping cart.  To purchase other products, select "Continue Shopping".  When you are done shopping select "Check Out".  At Check Out you will be asked to verify your shipping information, choose your shipping method (when applicable), and add any special instructions.

Once you've verified your information, click on "Continue to Check Out".  Then review your order a final time and continue to "Make Payment".

Note:  If your shipping address is different from the address used to create your Log In account and you do not know the Zip Code + 4, the site will provide options from which to select.

 How do I make a payment?
You may pay by MasterCard, Visa or Discover or credit cards or by check.

Note:  Confirmation of payment is required before fulfillment of all orders.  Credit card payment confirmation is received within 24 hours of ordering.  Checks must be sent to Document Sales and Distribution, 2310 Darwin Road, Madison, WI 53704-3108.  If payment by check is chosen, you should expect confirmation of payment 3 to 5 days after Document Sales and Distribution receives your check.

 Note:  State of Wisconsin agencies are required to enter a valid Use Code.

Verify Shipping Information
* 9-digit Zip Code required for shipping. If you are stuck, click the "Continue to Checkout" button for suggestions.
  Shipping Method